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Cobble Stones

Cobblestones are among the oldest paving materials and date from antient times, that are still in wide use today. These decorative stones make up some of the best-preserved roads in various parts of the world, particularly in Rome, England, France and even the historic Market square in Cape Town. Today, they are extensively used in various commercial, residential, and public spaces and rank as among the most preferred paving materials.

It’s important to note that cobblestone is actually a representative term, since there is more than one stone type that is used to create cobblestone pavers. Granite is one, while others are made of limestone, basalt, porphyry, and mesh. Cobblestone is a much sought-after paving material because of the various appeals that one can achieve when applying it. Generally, pavers made of cobblestone are square-, or rectangle-shaped, while the colours available include Sand Stone Light, Tan, Tan Light, Desert Sand, Sand Stone Tan, Sand Stone Fawn, Sandstone Red and Charcoal. By blending and mixing different colours, shapes, and patterns together, it’s possible to create dozens of theme or pick one that best suits your taste.

Aside from sheer appeal, cobblestones are also prize for their toughness. Given the fact that some of the oldest roads are made of cobblestones, then it’s fair to say that structures made of cobblestones are built to last a lifetime. Add to that, cobblestones are maintenance-free and require very minimal cleaning efforts.

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