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Stepping Stones

Low-maintenance and unobtrusive, stepping stones lead the way through both grass and gravel.

Laying of flat slabs through a grass or gravel area makes a practical path and a pleasing feature. They also protect grass where traffic is heavy. Each stepping stone is highlighted by the contrasting surface, making an easy target for your feet and adding interest to a flat landscape. Where the line can be curved, or made to disappear through a planted border to re-emerge beyond the plants, it draws the eye and increases the urge to follow it.

Stepping stones have their limitations. They are not suitable for steep slopes. For the very old or very young a continuous path may be easier to manage. Where a path is made through a lawn, the slabs must be laid flush with the soil surface, thus allowing the mower to pass straight over when cutting the grass. On the other hand, when slabs are set in a gravel area, they work best if slightly proud of the surrounding surface, reducing the likelihood of gravel being scattered on them.

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