Quality paving and simulated stone products to compliment a modern and flourishing Lifestyle

Hand crafted paving, cobble stones, flagstones, coping stones at it's best.

Our wet cast paving and simulated stone products have been created with natural textures, using the best colouring techniques and products with a strong compliment of cement and quarry stone to create strong products that look beautiful yet last a long time.

Some popular applications with our wide range of quality paving, cobble stone, stepping stones and much much more....

Driveway's, Pool's, Landscaping & Gardens, Patios, Interior's, Fireplaces, Entertainment areas, Walkways, Wall
Cladding.... the only limitation is your imagination

If you are like the rest of our valued clients it would be safe to say that you probably take pride in your home or business. So whether you are looking at upgrading your current driveway or perhaps you’ve decided to have a new pool installed and would like to finish off the project with high quality and affordable tiling, pavers or cobble stones. Our products are versatile meaning they can be installed to the exterior and interior of your home, with high grade natural stone cladding and simulated stone you can’t go wrong. No entertainment area, balcony, terrace or patio area would be complete without our products that are resistant to natural elements and that are long lasting. With a variety of shapes, sizes and colour it has never before been easier to make a selection from our paving, cobble stone, flagstone or coping stone range that is guaranteed to add value to your property, home or business. There is nothing more appealing than entering onto a premise and the first thing you notice is a beautifully laid and well maintain landscape balanced with hand crafted flagstones/stepping stones,  landscaping circles, stone edging/coping stones, pavers or cobblestone. We have seen interesting and inspiring landscaping designs over the years and we have no doubt that Tuscan Stone can help achieve that desired look. The is no limitation in the application of our product range, if you need any guidance, assistance or would like a quote please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and competent staff who are on standby to help in the process. Our company details are on our contact us page or click the button below.

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