About Us

Tuscan Stone was founded in 2002, with the vision to manufacture concrete paving and other cement life style products, inspired by nature. Paving, simulated and Natural Stone Cladding products started to became popular with demand for the products from Building Contractors and Landscaping Architects. Pool builders use a variety of our products and coping stones to create the best finishes for their pools. The company today has an established name in the Industry for its quality products and our ability as a boutique Factory to be able to make large quantities of product in
a short space of time. Tuscan Stone has a lovely range of Paving and simulated Stone products to compliment a flourishing modern and sophisticated life style. We launched an exiting range of products in November 2018, to replace our older range of paving and stepping stones. We are capable of manufacturing large quantities of paving stones in a short time as we have developed a capability to produce our own moulds. We use Plastic, ABS and Poly Urethane moulds to manufacture.
Our products have been created with natural textures, using the best coloring techniques and products with a strong compliment of Cement and quarry stone to create strong products to look beautiful yet last a long time. The sensation of using simulated cladding and other cement products have become the norm in life style developments.
Tuscan Stone became a brand with a name associated with quality wet cast cement paving and cladding products. Our product range expanded to include various metric sized shapes, with a strong Tuscan and Slate finish. Our wall cladding, cement tiles and landscaping such as stepping stones and edging stones are only a few products to mention. Our cost-effective paving products are manufactured to replicate natural beauty as real stone and is suitable for residential or commercial paving projects.
After we acquired the Tuscan Stone Company, we decided to use the trading name and to consolidate all our products under that brand. The quality of our products are unparalleled and our colours remain the same as a result of our unique technology used in the manufacturing process.
We added some new earthly colours which have won us many accolades from numbers of organisations, and we are able to manufacture custom colours in any of our products when required by our clients.
Although Tuscan Stone products are handmade, every piece is precision engineered to work as part of a greater unit. Tuscan Stone doesn’t simply supply products, we supply design and consistency with the end result in mind. The appearance of concrete paving products is only one part of the equation because we understand that you buy driveways, patios, paths or pool paving and not just loose pavers or tiles. We could help homeowners select the right concrete paving for each project and we are committed to the best possible design to ensure significant added value to your life style.
We have no less than 800 value added customers who we supply our products to on a daily basis in Gauteng. Our goal is to make Tuscan Stone products readily available to all, so we developed a national footprint through a licensed program that extends throughout South
Africa. Our products are also sold in Mozambique and Swaziland. Give us a call to discuss your needs for paving, pool and landscaping products.
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