Cobble Stones

Cobble Stones or Cobble Pavers

With a variety of styles, colours and sizes, never before has it been easier for our clients to make a selection from our cobble stone collection suiting their needs and lifestyle. Whether you are paving your driveway, entertainment areas or business facilities this will be a great addition to your home while being non-slip, moisture and heavy traffic resistant.

There are a number of benefits associated with Cobble Stone to mention a few.


Cobble stone adds Aesthetic Appeal to any home or business.

Its simple process to install cobblestone which make it a choice of convenience.

Strength and durability, these cobble pavers will endure the test of time

Cobble installations are low maintenance

Cobble stone are cost effective

Adds value to your investment, Cobble paving looks great and increases value overall

Quick to repair damaged pieces, damaged cobble stone can be removed and replaced easily.

Easy to wash and clean a cobble driveway or cobble road

Variety of options with our cobble stone range to suite everyone’s taste and requirements

Tuscan Slate Cobble Stone

Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm

Height: 50mm

Montana Rock Cobble Paver

Dimensions: 170mm x 120mm

Height: 50mm

Tuscan City Cobble Paver
Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm
Height: 50mm
Tuscan Rock Cobble Paver
Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm
Height: 50mm
Bevel Cobble Paver

Dimensions: 200mm x 100mm

Height: 50mm

Tuscan 200 Cobble Paver

Dimensions: 200mm x 150mm

Height: 50mm

Cobble stone 150mmx150mm

Cobble Paving made from wet cast cement

Cobble Stone application 150mx150mm

There is a difference in the way wet cast paving or pavers are manufactured as apposed to the manufacturing process behind dry cast paving/pavers. We produce or manufacture only wet cast cobble stones or cobble paving. As the name wet cast suggests, the concrete mixture has a high volume of water which allows for even distribution and/or combining of concrete, dyes  and other building materials in a concrete mixer. The concrete mixture  is then poured into a molds and vibrated to allow the release of air bubbles which if left would jeopardize the integrity of the final cobble stone product. The molds are left to cure or set until completely dry for a certain period of time. Once the cobble stones have completely set they are removed from the molds and carefully placed on pallets and package to prevent damage(if necessary) for shipping or delivery to our clients. The process of wet cast cobble stone or paving is labour intensive and is often  regarded as hand crafted. In the end the entire process of wet cast cobble stone / pavers requires more time to produce than that of dry cast products due to the curing process.

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