Landscaping Circle

Landscaping Circle

With a variety of colours, never before has it been easier for our clients to incorporate eye catching center pieces with their landscaping endeavors at home or  business.This will be a great addition to your home, while being non-slip, moisture and heavy traffic resistant.

There are a number of benefits associated with the circle to mention just a few.


Aesthetic Appeal

Easy Installation

Strength and durability

Low maintenance

Cost effective

Adds value to your investment

Quick to repair damaged pieces

Easy to wash and clean.

Variety of options to suite everyone’s taste and requirements

Circle A

600 Diameters

4 Pieces

Height: 50mm

Circle B

1470 Diameters

8 Pieces

Height: 50mm

Circle C

2430 Diameters

16 Pieces

Height: 50mm

Circle D
3200 Diameters

32 Pieces

Height: 50mm

Circle E

4200 Diameter

32 Pieces

Height: 50mm

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